Smoker at Gas Station Gets a Wake-Up Call About Smoking

About a month ago, there was a video posted on the internet showing a smoker at a gas station. The employee of the gas station apparently told the smoker that he needed to stop smoking around the gas pump because it was a fire hazard. The smoker then refused to put out his cigarette so the employee took matters into his own hands.

On the video, you can see the employee walking in front of the smoker with a fire extinguisher. He then proceeds to shoot the extinguisher gas at the smoker to put out his cigarette for him. The mist of the gas completely covers the smoker at one point. After that, it looks like the smoker learned his lesson. You can’t hear the audio on the video but you can sure see the reactions.

You might think the employee was a bit harsh but he probably saved the smoker’s life, as well as the lives of other people who were at other pumps. If one piece of burnt ash from the cigarette had fallen into a puddle of gasoline on the ground, then it could have sent the whole gas station up in flames. The employee was truly a hero here.