Smart Zoo Knows Exactly Who Should Be In Cages

When you normally go to the zoo to see wild animals, it is the animals that are usually kept in cages. However, there is a zoo in New Zealand that does things a little differently. They put the people in cages and let the animals roam free.

Here's a much better way to build a zoo. It's in the Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch, New Zealand. Love it.

Posted by Life on Earth on Friday, June 24, 2016

The Orana Wildlife Park’s Lion Encounter is a special kind of zoo in New Zealand which puts visitors in the back of a truck that has a giant cage surrounding it. The truck is driven through the open zoo where lions will run up close to the cage of the truck. This gives visitors a better view of the animals and makes it more exciting for them. Not only that, it is better for the health of the animals because they have wide open spaces to run around on rather than being cooped up in a small cage for the majority of the day.

This method of running a zoo has gotten nothing but positive feedback. It is also more cost effective for the zoo’s operation and it ensures that no guests will get hurt.