Thousands of Giant Snowballs Appear on a Beach in Siberia

For those that love snow and all that it can bring to the world, this story should get you heading to your snowsuit and booking a plane ticket.  These giant snowballs appeared on a beach in Siberia, much to the amazement and frustration of those living there.  These are rare occurrences, where the wind and rain and cold come together enough of the time that this ice balls are formed and drift ashore.  They are incredible to look at, and while it is scary for those who do not understand just how it all works together, it’s neat to photograph.

Plus, it’s a great way to explain how the weather and natural system work together hand in hand, creating marvels such as this for your eyes to see and use to create some incredible photos like this.  It gives you a lot of things to look forward to, and you get to learn along the way, which is always good and beneficial for people of all ages.  Maybe it’ll happen enough times to help all who want the guidance.

siberia snow balls

Sergey Bychenkov/Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

siberia snow ballsEkaterina Chernykh

siberia snow ballsSergey Bychenkov/Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

siberia snow ballsValery Togo/YouTube/Storyful