What This Woman Did With This Rusty Old Backyard Shed Is Truly Unbelievable

There is likely a project that we all intend to do at some point or another. Most people have something in or around their homes that drives them mad, it could be a cluttered spare room that could be put to better use or a backyard that is in dire need of a little landscaping, maybe its just a minor hobby you haven’t quite found the time to enjoy. Regardless of what, we all have good intentions with pet projects at home, yet when you see what one couple from Florida did without the shed in their backyard; you will certainly feel more inspired to finally start that project of your own!

Debbi lives in Panama City, Florida, and had to deal with a constant eye-sore in her yard in the shape of an old rusting shed. After 18 years untouched, she and her husband decided it was time to renovate their shed, and the end results speak for themselves.

Taking only 62 days, they transformed their former shed into a quaint little getaway, renovating it into a small guest-house. The shed now features a small bedroom and living room, along with a toilet and a kitchen!


Debbi and her husband did almost all of the work themselves, minus the electrical work.


ll of the cabinets were either repurposed or found for a song on sites like Craigslist.


Some of the interior fixtures were purchased from Goodwill and repainted to fit this nice new look.


She converted a found table into a shabby, chic-looking bathroom sink.


Her mother’s antique bed made for a perfect addition to the newly constructed bedroom.



The decor was picked up for cheap, and bar the electrical wiring, they completed the entire project on their own! Not only did they create a lovely little nest in their backyard from an old shed, but they decided to improve the general landscape of their yard, giving their entire outdoor living space a complete makeover.