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More people have died from selfies than shark attacks this year

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Nothing has become more polarizing in recent years than selfies. From ridiculous lengths of metal used to get more of an extended photo (or selfie stick to most) to the outright ludicrous situations people will take them (at funerals is one of note, along with burning buildings), there is always a time and a place for selfies.Some unfortunately have not recognised this, and have even paid for it with their lives, which while sounding like something out of a cartoon, is sadly true. Take the recent example of the 66year old Japanese tourist who died whilst capturing a selfie at the famous Taj Mahal. Whiles trying to take the snap, the person fell down a set of stairs and died. His death hasn’t been the first this year somehow. It brings the total amount of deaths from taking selfies this year to 12, which is actually a higher fatality rate than some rather terrifying accidents. Namely shark related deaths, which have only caused 8 deaths this year. That’s right; selfies have overtaken sharks for causes of death in 2015.

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Deaths from selfies can be linked to the victim’s lack of focus to the situation at hand. Many don’t pay attention to their surroundings and have taken fatal falls, such as the Japanese tourist. Four of the twelve deaths have actually happen from falls.Similarly dangerous situations that are never appropriate for a selfie have caused deaths too. Train collisions have caused the next highest amount of injuries and deaths, with too many people thinking getting a selfie with a moving train is good idea. The dangers and general annoyance of selfies (particularly in public places) has seen more action take place in recent times. Many places ban selfies and/or selfie sticks thanks to people looking to snap up the ultimate selfie. More and more tourist attractions and national landmarks across the word have banned the taking of selfies – it’s hard to disagree with them too!


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