Rare, Interesting, Early Selfies

Here are some early and interesting selfies

A photographer’s portrait in a mirror, a hundred years ago, Japan, 1920.

interesting selfies

Buzz Aldrin, first self portrait in space. 1966.

interesting selfies

A wartime selfie from the 1940s.

interesting selfies

A man takes a selfie using a stick of wood to activate the camera, 1957.

interesting selfies

Jackie Kennedy, John F Kennedy, and Ethel Kennedy taking a mirror selfie with a 35mm camera- 1954

interesting selfies

American photographer Robert Cornelius in the first-ever photographic portrait of a human, self- or otherwise, 1839.

interesting selfies

Unidentified woman taking a mirror selfie with a box camera, 1900.

interesting selfies

Daguerreotype selfie of Czech photographer M. V. Lobethal, 1846.

M. V. Lobethal

Australian modernist painter Albert Tucker takes a mirror selfie with wife and fellow artist Joy Hester, 1939.

Albert Tucker

German photographer Roger Rössing takes a mirror selfie as an unknown man looks on, 1947.

Roger Rössing

Polish surrealist painter, photographer, and sculptor Zdzisław Beksiński takes a prism selfie, 1956-57.

Zdzisław Beksiński

Unidentified woman takes a mirror selfie, 1938.

mirror selfie