After Being Separated for Two Years, Woman is Finally Reunited with Her Cat

Iris Samaniego was distraught when her beloved cat Diego never came home one summers day in 2015. Having been close companions for over 12 years, the flame-point Siamese simply never returned after sneaking outside – a big no for indoor cats such as Diego.

After posting missing fliers for the better part of a year, people began telling Iris to accept that Diego was gone, but she refused to give up the hope of being reunited with her furry friend. Then one day at work, she found the lead she had been searching for.

“I was at work and in between patients, I’m a vet tech, something told me to look on animal friends of the valley website which is odd for me.”

After a quick search of the site, a family face appeared on screen. “I saw his picture and left work as fast I could.”

Heading out the shelter with her sister, Iris knew as soon as she laid eyes on the cat that it was her best bud Diego.

Posted by Crystal Sanmann on Thursday, December 8, 2016

“The moment I saw him I felt indescribable joy, I felt peace and overwhelmed because I knew he wasn’t dead. My intuition always told me he was alive,” Iris explains.

Here is Malachi's and Naomie's reaction when they saw Diego. Naomie of course, being her moms mini me with animals, had the same reaction like Iris Estrada Samaniego.

Posted by Crystal Sanmann on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Check out their amazing reunion video to see just how close Iris was with the lovable Diego. Her children were also more than happy to be reunited with the family pet, crying with joy when their mother revealed Diego.

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(h/t: Love Meow)