40 People Who Anonymously Share Secrets About Their Jobs

All we know that nothing is like what it seems from outside. There are some secrets about jobs and people who do these jobs know what happens behind the scenes. Here are 40 people who anonymously share secrets about their jobs.



I’m a teacher. If you as a parent will read with your child often and early, your child will thrive in school. I’m talking daily books read together from newborn to about third grade. Every single day. No teacher can replace that.



I’m not training your dog, I’m training you.



I’m a server. No matter how much we insist it’s “okay” that you are keeping the entire restaurant open after we’ve closed, please know we are 100% lying. We will get fired if we deviate from anything other than pure delight that you are keeping us from going home. We dread it. Please don’t believe us.



Human Resources: we exist to protect the agency from the employees, not the other way around.



Plumber here. There’s no such thing as a flushable wipe. The package lies. You drains WILL clog, and fast; your landlord will charge you; it’s going to suck. Throw wipes in the trash if you use them; toilets paper is the only acceptable wipe.

Not a secret at all, just not common knowledge somehow.



A lot of librarians will waive your fines if you have an excuse and you don’t ask too frequently, even large fines. Also, librarians DON’T CARE about your fines and aren’t judging you. Please come back. We personally have more fines than you. Librarians are ALWAYS overdue with their books.



I’m an attorney. The secret is shut the hell up.



Knowing how to research the answer to a question is at least as or even more useful than knowing the answer to begin with. I made a living in IT for a decade with that mindset.



Managed boarding and grooming kennels for 8 years: the secret is that the employees actually do love your pets too. Even the difficult ones, most of us realize they just miss their people. The number of times I’ve weeped when a pet died, or spent way too many hours comforting a dog with separation anxiety, or spent hours off the clock with a boarder who needed to be rushed to a vet office…wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Some pets just suck though, not gonna lie.



I design slot machines for casinos… Don’t play slots.