30 Secret Spaces That People Have Hidden In Their Houses

21. My Home Whiskey Bar Is Now Open For Business!


22. Mom Turns Cupboard Under The Stairs Into Harry Potter Room

secret spacesCourtney Bonnet

23. The Blind Pig – My Wife Was Tired Of Whiskey Taking Over The Kitchen, So While I Was Remodeling The Basement I Decided To Find Somewhere Else To Put All Of My Booze


24. Hidden Workplace

secret spacesUnclestanky

25. This Library Behind A Painting


26. Finally Finished My Secret Pocket Door

secret spacesMaxatron4000

27. I Would Probably Hit My Head On The Doorframe


28. Bought A House, Came With A Secret Cabinet Behind A Cabinet

secret spaces


29. Now This Is A Nerd Lair!


30. This Amazing Secret Base

secret spacesUnclestanky