There Are Secret Rooms in Aircrafts You Never Knew Existed

Even among the largest of the airplanes, do you think you can hide an area altogether? However, surprise! There is a hidden area in every airplane and you would be surprised to know more about it.

Through this article, we take you through a tour of how there is a hidden compartment and how it looks like when you look at it.

Flight attendants have a tough job to do and they often feel tired, as they undergo exertion too and would not mind a nice sleep.

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There is a special compartment in Boeing 777 and 787, located above the cockpit and business class seat configuration.

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It has a spiral staircase that leads to the top and it covered by a door. A key or code would be needed for access.

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However, in Boeing 773 of the American Airlines, this compartment is accessible from a trap door and it looks like a luggage rack.

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Generally, the secret room can accommodate 6-10 people.

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It also comprises of reading lights, hooks, mirrors, storage spaces and a set of bed linen, so that the crew is comfortable.


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However, it is narrow and might be a problem if you are claustrophobic.

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The configuration in Boeing is relatively comfortable.

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But the Airbus A380 takes it to the next level.

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It has a comfortable space for pilots as well!

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