Thought This Was a Secret Government Compound . . . Opened the Doors and WOW!

Compound in the Woods

Who would have thought that being this close to road and appearing like a some secret service building this mysterious structure could be a house?A clear case of do not jugde a house by it exterior.

Secret Government Compound

Knock…but Nobody’s Home

Looking empty and abandoned, a knock on any semblance of a door will probably given you no response as it appears everyone is out.

Secret Government Compound

Watch It Evolve

A closer look at what you would assume is the front would reveal a descending staircase.yes it is no Government compound but still full of surprises.

Secret Government Compound

Windows Open, Doors Up

It doesn’t take time to discover that this mysterious looking fortress is actually a house>A beautiful house with a lawn ,lovely furniture, and dazzling sunlight.One couldn’t ask for more.

Secret Government Compound

A Modern Marvel

It is surprising but true that a dull, windowless structure which appears like a store room can be converted into a house that anyone would marvel at when visiting.

Secret Government Compound

You May Enter

In a stroke of architectural genius, the front door is designed to be lowered down like that of medieval castles.

Secret Government Compound

Become This?

With a view like this, the house looks like it was pulled out of a dream or some geniuses imagination. Astonishing beauty!

Secret Government Compound

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