30 Pictures Prove That Mother Nature Can Be Scary As Hell

11. Here’s A Possum Yelling At A Bald Eagle

creepy natureBahweepGragnahWheepNinibong

12. I Was In The Middle Of A Zoom When I Noticed This

Irsal Tomasati

13. Nature Is Scary As Hell

14. The Harpy Eagle’s Huge Talons Can Be As Large As A Bear’s Claws, And Its Legs Can Be Almost As Thick As A Man’s Wrist

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15. My Mom Found This Skull With A Chrysalis Inside The Eye Socket


16. This Ice Looks Like An Eye


17. Tick Season Is Here, Make Sure To Check Every Spot

creepy naturenassii

18. Sphynx Cat With No Eyes

creepy nature


19. Cabbage Field In Japan


20. If I Saw This In My Bathroom Corner, I’d Burn My House Down

creepy natureTrex2727