30 Pictures Prove That Mother Nature Can Be Scary As Hell

If you, upon a closer look, nature can be odd and creepy out there. Check out this compiled spine-chilling list for your next nightmare.

1. I Watched This Guy Fight Off A Bird 10 Times His Size. This Was His Victory Pose For A Good 10+ Minutes As The Bird Perched On A Power Line, Defeated

scary natureTaylord2112

2. Bald Eagle Size vs. Grey Wolf, Caught On Trail Cam

scary natureEnzo_Gorlahh_mi

3. Whales Sleeping

sperm-whales-sleepFranco Banfi

4. Bees Killing A Murder Hornet By Raising Their Temperature In Order To Cook It Alive

scary naturegasthefurries420

5. Your Chances Of Getting Killed By A Group Of Frogs Are Low But Never Zero

scary natureops_castlebravo

6. I Heard Some Noise On The Roof This Morning

scary naturecandycane7

7. Then There Was This Guy


8. I Think I Found The Entrance To The Spider-Verse


9. I Noticed Some Shrimp Missing…

scary natureZucchini

10. What, Exactly, Was The Sequence Of Events That LED To This?