Different Characters Are Played By The Same Actors, Hard To Believe

It’s hard to believe that these characters are played by the same actor. Take a look at these transformations!

1. Sirius Black From Harry Potter And Zorg From Fifth Element

same actor charactersPlayed by: Gary Oldman

2. Harry From Love Actually And Prof. Severus Snape From Harry Potter

3. Captain Hook From Peter Pan And Lucius Malfoy From Harry Potter

Played by: Jason Isaacs

4. Mr Tumnus From Narnia And Professor X From X-Men

Played by: James McAvoy

5. Inigo Montoya From The Princess Bride And Jason Gideon From Criminal Minds

Played by: Mandy Patinkin

6. Dudley Dursley From Harry Potter And Harry Beltik From The Queen’s Gambit

Played by: Harry Melling

7. Molly Weasley From The Harry Potter Series And Rosie Mulligan From Mamma Mia!

Played by: Julie Walters

8. Kate Mccallister From Home Alone And Moira Rose From Schitt’s Creek

Played by: Catherine O’Hara

9. Cesar Flickerman From The Hunger Games And George Harvey From The Lovely Bones

Played by: Stanley Tucci

10. Nanny Mcphee From Nanny Mcphee And Prof. Sybil Trelawney From Harry Potter

Played by: Emma Thompson