Adorable Photos That Are Proof That The Safest Place Is Next to Your Mom

To show the amazing loving connection between moms and kids, here are the photos proving the safest place in the world is next to your mom!

1. “She’s a very proud mom.”

safest place momYcote

2. “My mom’s Doberman gave birth to this cute muffin.”

safest place momCarljul

3. “I’m 21 years old and this was my mom and me on Christmas.”

safest place momcarlyinc

4. “Everyone needs their mom once in a while or always.”

safest place momCaesar100

5. “Taking a bath with Mom”

safest place next to momunknown

6. “I’ll never forget this night. She was so proud of me for sticking it out and getting my diploma.”

safest place next to momMike47845

7. “Love this woman and I’m so thankful for all she’s done for me!”

safest place next to momelizabethcorinne

8. “My German Shepherd was having a false pregnancy so I got her a German Shepherd/Alaskan Husky puppy.”

safest place next to mom


9. “I got married today. This is my mom and me.”

safest place next to momkelviewright

10. “Mommy’s tummy is the best pillow!”

safest place next to momNen0888