Muzzle For Walking Your Dog In The Woods

Taking the dog a walk in the late hours of the night can be pretty nerve racking for some people, especially if you are going to an unlit or sparsely populated location such as the woods. However, purchased this creative dog muzzle will surely keep any potential wrong doers well away. The werewolf muzzle is designed in Russia and can be snapped up for around $30(US). Dogs can pant happily thanks to the slackness that allows the dogs mouth to open ever so slightly. The materials are completely safe, with non-toxic plastics and nylon used. A great idea for anyone who stays in a country where dog muzzles are required in public, as it gives a pretty entertaining twist on them. Just be sure not to scare anyone too much at night time because the design is unnervingly realistic – for fake a werewolf at least!

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russian werewolf dog muzzle

Alexey Kurulyov

russian werewolf dog

russian werewolf dog

russian werewolf dog muzzleAlexey Kurulyov