Have A Look At This Company From Japan That Makes Samurai Armor For Cats And Dogs

Samurai Age is a company based in Japan and is known for its creation of a wonderful thing that is highly required: samurai armor for cats and dogs. We all do agree that our pets are loyal samurais and unconditionally stick to us and protect us always. Hence, an armor is something that they would need considering their protective nature.

Samurai Age manufactures standardized armors that can be put on cats and dogs. There are also customized designs available if you are looking for a different option altogether. In the pipeline, the company plans to launch pet fashion sets that are manufactured using armor and is typically worn by the legendary Japanese samurais.

There is a red armor on a Shibu Inu in one the pictures shown below and it was worn by Sengoku hero Sanada Yukimara! This way, you can make your protective pet feel special; all thanks to Samurai Age.

There are different size options available and the basic armor might cost you 4,040 Yen ($125) and there are options available up to 16,416 Yen ($146). So why wait? Order one for your pet now!

More info: Samurai Age | Facebook (h/t)