People Share Worst Roommates, They’re Living With A ‘Monster’

21. Less Than 2 Days After Moving In, One Of My Roommates Scratched My New, Non-Stick Pan With Metal Utensils


22. Live With A Girl They Said, Things Will Be Clean They Said

worst roommatesEndoman13

23. This Is How My Boyfriend Leaves The Sink After He Shaves

worst roommatesnymphymixtwo

24. My Husband Doesn’t Want The Case To Get Scratched And Cause An “Eyesore”

worst roommatesflyawaysweetbird

25. I Went To The Fridge To Get Milk For My Cereal But Someone Put The Milk Back With This Much

bad roommatesPine_Apple_Boat

26. Day 6 Of Living With A Roommate For The First Time. I’m Looking For A New Place

bad roommatesbigshrimps

27. My Roommate Can’t Read

bad roommatesrocinante_donnager

28. How My Girlfriend Takes The First Piece Of Freshly Baked Brownies


29. We Are A Family Of Four


30. We Love Awful Roommates

worst roommatescoinmurderer