China’s Replica Neuschwanstein and Eiffel

China has exceptional buildings of its own but it also built imitations of some European structures. The replica Neuschwanstein and Eiffel are some of the examples of this trend. Aside from the replica Neuschwanstein and Eiffel, China has built cities resembling Venice, Paris, and London. These replica buildings and cities offer a glimpse of life in Europe to locals who are not able to go there themselves.

Jilong Castle

Located in Guizhou, China, and in the middle of the Wanfeng Lake, Jilong Castle was built in 2011. While it looks like a medieval castle, it is actually a luxury resort (a 4-star hotel). Many have compared its appearance to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany which was also the inspiration behind Stefan’s castle in Sleeping Beauty.

replica Neuschwanstein jilong castle

The story behind Jilong Castle is not completely clear but some say that it was the work of a local businessman who made a fortune via hydroelectric power. This claim might be true since a hydroelectric plant nearby provides the castle with energy.

jilong castle entrance

Apparently, it is popular among the Chinese wealthy to build castles and Jilong Castle Country Club is one of them. Moreover, the resort charges 40 dollars for a night in their standard rooms or 292 yuan today. Despite being a replica, the castle represents some of the specifics of European medieval castles.

jilong and the lake

The red towers, the bricks of the main structure, and the windows give the impression of a medieval castle. Another interesting aspect of Jilong Castle is the fact that it is on its little peninsula. Only a small bridge connects the castle to the mainland.

replica Neuschwanstein bridge

Tianducheng Tower

Towards the end of the 2000s, the Chinese government started to build a city that took inspiration from Parisian architecture. This city today is called the Sky City or Tianducheng, originally. The design of the houses, streets, roads, and buildings look like they were shipped from Paris.

replica eiffel

In 2013 there were only 3,000 people living in the city after which many called the endeavor a disappointment. However, in 2017 this number rose to 30,000 which made it necessary to expand the city and increase its resources.

tianducheng square

In this Parisian city, the most notable structure is the replica Eiffel Tower or Tianducheng Tower. Completely inspired by the original in Paris, Tianducheng Tower is nearly 110 meters tall. The main idea behind this replica was to make it the first of a series of replicas. The original designer wanted to add other monuments from other countries but the project ended without any additions.

replica eiffel tianducheng tower
Catherine – Travel

All in all, the Chinese Eiffel remains a popular site. The tower is in the middle of a park and in the heart of the city, standing above the other buildings. Many locals and tourists visit the city just to get a photo in front of the monument.

tianducheng city
Sabina Kuhle