These People Recreated Amazing Photos of Their Grandparents From the Past

11. I’ve Recreated The Old Photos Of My Ancestors Going Back 200 Years

recreating grandparent photosChristineHMcConnell

12. Friend Recreated Her Grandmother’s Picture – 69 Years Later

recreating grandparent photosMalcEZ

13. My Grandpa, My Dad, And Myself. Making Three Generations Of Wives Worried Sick

recreating grandparent photosSandite5

14. Recreated My Grandparents’ Wedding Photo From 1954 At Our Own Wedding On Friday

recreating grandparent photosakaRoger

15. Sitting Exactly Where My Grandfather Sat In WWII, 1944 VS. 2014. Arno River, Florence Italy

recreating grandparent photoswisawasa

16. Grandpa At East Base Antarctica 1940 On Left. Me Last Week On Right

recreating grandparent photossnowystormz

17. My Grandma Passed Away And The Family Decided To Sell The House. I Found A Picture Of My Grandpa And Me (Circa 1984) In A Box While Cleaning And Recreated It With My Children

recreating grandparent photosstpatrick32

18. Recreated Polaroid Of Grandpa From 1977

recreating grandparent photos


19. My Grandpa And My Son With Their Daddies, 82 Years Apart

recreating grandparent photosstides22

20. My Grandma In 1931 And Me In 2012. Both 20-Years-Old

recreating grandparent photoskeldry27