The Love And Faith Of Her Family Saved Her Life, Despite The Vet Said She Should Be Put Down

Athena, a cat born in a puppy mill in North Carolina, was found in a horrible condition. She had upper respiratory complications, so bad that she could hardly breathe.

Cat Conquers Puppy Mill Past

In the mill, she was living in dirty cages along with other dogs and cats. The reason behind those terrible conditions are even possible is that there are neither rules nor regulations concerning puppy mills in North Carolina.

Cat Conquers Puppy Mill Past

That’s why the owner of the mill was able to be so reckless about the conditions of the mill. It should be stated that the owner was arrested 10 years ago because of animal cruelty.  Fortunately, Humane Society of the United States came there to rescue all the animals suffering from bad conditions in October 2014.

Cat Conquers Puppy Mill Past

Athena found a home where she could stay until the last day of her life. However, the difficult journey has not yet finished. Her caregivers took her to the veterinarian who told that Athena needs to be put down.

Cat Conquers Puppy Mill Past

Her family didn’t convince by that idea and took her to another vet. Luckily, that vet told that her life could be saved if her nose is amputated. Considering the first idea, her family decided to apply the second option.

Cat Conquers Puppy Mill Past

Her look might seem odd since she has no nose now, but she lives a life full of life, love and hope. She is perfectly healthy now and hasn’t had any infections since the surgery. She uses her mouth to breathe. She loves her family, and is very friendly now.

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