What This Monster Did To A Cat Is The Definition Of Cruel And Heartless

We hear, unfortunately, every day a sad story about animals. There are torturers, cruels out there torturing the animals. Cinderella is one of those victims. Someone had put fireworks in her mouth! It is such a miracle that she survived. But she had lots and lots of injuries. It is unbelievable that some human being did this to this lovely cat.

Although a rescue group helping Cinderella get medical treatment, the bills are accumulating. It is donations what makes Cinderella better by helping her get the treatment and medications she needs. By sharing this story, you can help increase the donations.

Animal cruelty is a crime and in most states, people could be sentenced to jail for years. You should call the authorities if you ever saw animal cruelty or think of there is animal cruelty going on. We, as humans, should help animals who cannot defend themselves.

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