Photographer Took Portrait Photographs Of The Most Known Artists

Photograph artist Lütfi Özkök took portrait photographs of the most known artists. Özkök was active as a photographer from the 1950s and half a century ahead. He is mostly known for his famous portrait photographs. He photographed a large number of artists. There are many famous artists from Samuel Beckett to Jean-Paul Sartre.

It is possible to see the exhibition of his portraits in İstanbul Modern Art Gallery online.

portrait photographsPablo Neruda Rotterda, Holland, 1971.

Michel Foucault, France, 1968.

portrait photographsNazım Hikmet, Stockholm, Sweden, 1959.

Yasunari Kawabata, Stockholm, Sweden, 1968.

portrait photographsGabriel Garcia Marquez, Stockholm, Sweden, 1981.

Albert Camus

portrait photographsYaşar Kemal

Maria Wine, Stockholm, Sweden, 1960.

portrait photographsSamuel Beckett, Paris, France, 1966.

Jean-Paul Sartre, Paris, Fransa, 1962.