Solar-Powered Cylindrical Bamboo Treehouse In Mexico

Growing up, many kids have a dream about the perfect treehouse, but we imagine there will be plenty of adults dreaming of staying in this particular treehouse in the Playa Vivia holiday resort in Mexico. Designed by Deture Culsign, the bi-level cylindrical treehouse is made from bamboo and gets all its power from solar panels. Located on a beachfront, the luxurious holiday home provides a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by a thicket of palm trees, which are used as ‘living piers’.


Measuring in at 700 square feet, the main goal from the design of the treehouse is to “visually intrigue and highlight sustainable strategies to deliver a natural immersive guest experience,” according to the Chicago-based design firm.


Raised six feet from the ground, the treehouse has all the hallmarks of a hotel, including a bedroom complete with king-size bed and a private bathroom, as well as some special attractions like the built-in hammock.




Located on the base floor, the toilet is nestled behind bamboo screens and offers a view of the sky through the open roof. A stone sink and shower are included, with the shower having a stone pebble floor that was laid by hand.


Power is provided by solar panels, with hot water and electricity included! Small hatch windows are located on either side of the building to allow more airflow when needed. The building itself was completed by ArtisTree, with the main design aspect being that the room allows a guest to seamlessly travel between indoors and outdoors. The structure was made of locally-sourced bamboo, and it perfectly blends into the natural environment surrounding the treehouse.



A single night stay will cost either $445 or $620 depending on whether it is high or low season. Guests get to enjoy complimentary yoga classes and are provided with three meals and snacks, and have access to a mile-long stretch of private beach.



Deture Culsign: Website | Facebook
Playa Viva: Website | Facebook Instagram