The Selfie Mid-Flight Photographs Taken By A Pilot Went Viral On The Internet; However, They Found Out That They Are Not As Risky As People Thought

Daniel Centeno who is a Brazilian pilot has become popular because of his dangerous selfie game, he appeared to have hanged out and used a selfie stick to take photos in the mid –air. But has he shown a great courage and the pictures, are they violent?

No. Daniel who is also known as pilotganso created these amazing images with the aid of Photoshop. Daniel superimposed an aerial image over a selfie from outside the plane. This is being shown by some details: His hair is not blowing against the wind which is supposed to be and his sunglasses also reflected the airport runway. Oh, and he said that himself.

They’re fake, as people were able to find the same cloudy background just without the plane

Image credits: Snopes

Daniel also agrees that the images are not real in their caption. “You have to be aware that these photographs are not real, in case you are not aware,” one of them reads. Another one states that “Photoshop mode ON.”

Yet somehow the media and people are still confused

Despite revealing the photos are fakes, many people have expresses their mind thinking that the photographs are real.

People can believe whatever they want, but airline passengers should not be afraid that their pilot will be busy taking photographs instead of controlling the plane.