A Pill That Makes Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate


Everyone, man and woman, has had one of those moments when they have farted when they didn’t want to and it started to smell up the room.  It is humiliating and you will instantly wonder what you ate to make yourself fart like that.  What if you didn’t have to smell up a room when you fart? Recently a group of scientists had a bad food experience while abroad and were left farting left and right.  They knew instantly that something had to be done or on their next foray into the food world might have gastric consequences.  These scientists came up with a pill that is capable of making your farts smell good. The most notable of the smells that you can scent your farts to is chocolate.  The group of friends also created “St. Valentine’s Ginger Fart Pill” for Valentine ’s Day or any date which will make your farts smell like, you guessed it, Ginger.  They claim that Ginger scented farts are a major aphrodisiac.  No matter what you will have fart smells for any occasion.

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