Pictures That Show How Michael Jackson ’s Face Changed

Michael Jackson- Changes Over Time

The Michael Jackson we all know and love has sported several different looks through out his career. As a child in Jackson Five, Michael was a cute little boy destine for fame; and as he grew up at least he was still bound to be extremely famous. As a teenager, Michael looked like any teenage boy, all natural and awkward.

Michael Jackson

The Original Jackson

In his twenties, he had grown out of his awkward stage. He no longer had dreaded teenage pimples that every teen suffers and his hair was tamer to say the least. Michael had already had some changes made to his face, but they were only minor. He still looks like the original Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson

Things are Changing – For the Worst?

After Thriller was released, you can see some other changes in pictures of Michael. His facial features are more defined and he has longer hair. Michael rocked a long hair style from this point forward for the rest of his life.

Michael Jackson

A few years down the line and the major changes that Michael had made caught everyone by surprise. His skin color had changed, his nose had had work done, and his face shape was more even more defined. Michael did not comment of these major changes to his appearance for a long time.

Michael Jackson

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