Husband Has Celebrated 5k Race Success of His Wife in Hilarious Way

Normally, when you get married, there are dos and don’ts for husbands. These determine whether you will sleep on the couch that night. If you go a bit too far, you may not avoid huge fights. Zach Sturino walked in that thin line. And he made it through. He celebrated 5k race success of his wife in a hilarious way. Probably, this type of celebration is not a good idea for everyone. Let’s see what Zach did for his wife.

Stephanie Sturino dedicated herself for running. She has been running for 10 years, but in a broader sense, her running patterns were not frequent. Yet, she decided to run the 5k race. And her husband Zach was supportive of her decision. She trained really hard and actually won the 5k race in her age group. And her husband made the surprise of her lifetime. A selection of perfect photoshops. Some of these photos are so perfect that they could be the next trending meme.

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Stephanie decided to push her limits and go for the 5k race. She wanted to test her limits and see what she can do. Zach Sturino was extremely supportive of his wife to run 5k race.

Zach showed his photoshop skills and put her wife into some photographs that are full of action. She runs away from Voldemort.

And she was the companion of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also, Zach photoshopped her to Jurrasic Park.

She even runs away from cops with her amazing strength.

Their friend Seth Cleek suggested to upload these piece of arts to online platforms and they reached 112k likes in a short time.

Since Stephanie has the great sense of humor, Zack is saved for now. But we are not sure if he can survive another joke like this in the future. And for the husband out there, never publish such photos before consent of your wife. It is the best way to guarantee your place in the bed.