100-Year-Old Colourful Photographs Of The First World War

Left: Abbé Even, chaplain of the 51st division, military helmet. Belgium, 1917 | Right: Sar Amadou, Wolof Class 1900, of the Seventh Regiment. France, 1917

Four Senegalese soldiers. France, 1917.

first world war

Shelter. France, 1917

At the Swiss border: Swiss soldiers, a French soldier and a woman at his window. Switzerland, 1917

first world war

Left: Sale of newspapers on a stall. France, 1917 | Right: Three young nurses in uniform in front of city hall. Belgium, 1917

Ambulance cars waiting for the wounded. Belgium, 1917

The heroes of Drie Grachten: five soldiers, officers and soldiers. Belgium, 1917

first world war

French lines at Het Sas, mutilated trees (French military, sheeted shelters, sandbags, storm lamp) Belgium, 1917

Surgical Center. Belgium, 1917

first world war

Left: French military observation: a watchman at lockstation 26. France, 1917 | Right: Front line trench, observer: trench support work. France, 1917.