100-Year-Old Colourful Photographs Of The First World War

First World War was devastating for Europe. Its effects had been going on for a long time and many people’s life had been changed radically. We have not many colourful photographs of the war. Sometimes it might be hard to understand how the war devastates Europe and people’s life. Here are 30 photographs from the WW1 to understand its devastating effects and take a look at people from the war.

Most photographs by French photographer Paul Castelnau.

Left: General Antoine, commander of the First Army. France, 1917 | Right: Belgian General Michel, Commander 4th AD (former Minister of War). Belgium, 1917

Two marines. Belgium, 1917

first world war

Section of the gunners: four soldiers in the ruins, shooting. France, 1917

Three patients injured in Laffaux. France, 1917

Cloakroom guard of the theater to the armies. 1917, France

first world war

At the Swiss border: French and Swiss military soldiers separated by fences. France, 1917

Outdoor Cooking. France, 1917.

first world war

Group at hospital 66: nurses, soldiers, doctors in front of a booth. France, 1917

At the Swiss border: Swiss military, behind the fence marking the border. France, 1917

Machine guns protecting the passage of a convoy in the territories of the extreme south. Tunisia, 1916

first world war