15 Times People Encountered Something Rare And Shared It

It is possible to encounter variable things in daily life. This time we share 15 things that people encountered and thought something rare.

1. “My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes.”

something rare© TheProjectAlexander / reddit

2. “Wood ear fungus that really looks like an ear”

© mars_santa / Reddit

3. “A hummingbird caught me taking its picture.”

something rare© future_beach_bum / Reddit

4. “A leopard gecko’s ear”

© BirdmaskDude / Reddit

5. “Found a fossilized shell in the middle of a national forest.”

something rare© i_like_it_raw_ / Reddit

6. “I cracked an egg and there was another egg inside.”

© imgretel23 / Reddit

7. “This fallen leaf started growing its own little plant.”

something rare© jennathehun / Reddit

8. “Skeletal leaves from a lemon tree”

© Gamefox42 / Reddit

9. “Sometimes when chickens lay an egg, the last step gets missed, and they lay a jelly egg — an egg with no hard shell.”

something rare© cowskeeper / Reddit

10. “My mom ran into someone with the same tattoo as her in the same spot as her, just mirrored.”

© Woodner / Reddit

11. “An orange cucumber from my parents’ garden”

something rare© kriswex926 / Reddit

12. “I saw 4 generations of Honda Civics, in order of age, all in white.”

© Chocolate1ce / Reddit

13. “This piece of wall that got rounded by the sea.”

something rare© TheCorpseOfMarx / Reddit

14. “The perfect snowflake I got on my sleeve this morning”

© THEnotSOmuchBLOGGER / Reddit

15. “Wanted to share this conch’s little eyeballs.”

something rare© buterbetterbater / Reddit