Moms And Dads Post That Horrible Moment Their Kids Go Back To School

1. Happy 1st Day Of School Kids. I’m Gonna Miss You All

parents-celebrate-back-to-school-dayKeshia Leeann Gardner

2. First Day Of School


3. First Day Of School

parents-celebrate-back-to-school-dayHNM Photography

4. First Day Of School


5. Mom Celebrates Back To School With An Impromptu Dance


6. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!


7. Since Everyone Posting Back To School Pictures, I Present You My Mother And My 6 Adopted Siblings


8. First Day Of School

parents-celebrate-back-to-school-dayNJ Staff

9. First Day Of School


10. And It Has Arrived, The First Day Of School! Hahaha I Couldn’t Resist This, You All Know I Am Really Gonna Miss Her (maybe?)

parents-celebrate-back-to-school-dayHappy Acres Photography

11. First Day Back To School


12. The Gardner Crew Is So Excited To Be Going Back To School Today

parents-celebrate-back-to-school-dayKeshia Gardner

13. My Sister And I Also Took A First Day Of School Picture


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