Artist Transforms Old Silverware Into Flower Bouquets

Ann Carrington is a talented British artist who studied at Bourneville College of Art, Birmingham and The Royal College of Art graduating in 1987. In 1988 she received The Herbert Read Award, followed by the Commonwealth Fellowship for Sculpture in 1992.

Using old silverware, she makes beautiful metal bouquet sculptures. In each unbelievable utensil bouquet, spoons’ bowls become budding bulbs and rosettes; the layered prongs of forks turn into delicate, thin petals; and knives and handles represent clusters of leaves. The pieces were most recently displayed for a 6-week solo exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London.

silver Flower Bouquets

“I have always been interested in discarded, found, and multiples of objects. All objects are saturated with cultural meaning, which I, as an artist seeking to explore, unravel, and investigate. Mundane objects like knives and forks, barbed wire, pins, and paintbrushes, I find interesting as they come with their readymade histories and associations which I try and analyze by rearranging them as a sculpture. I merge materials with a form to tell a story through objects that are familiar to us all,” Carrington told.

See this incredible collection of utensil bouquets in delightful detail below.

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silver Flower Bouquets

silver Flower Bouquets