Old Japanese Train Station Stays Open for Only One Daily Passenger

If oh you’ve been searching for some good news to cheer you up, just take a look at this impressive and exciting story. Bus drivers and their greedy companies are known for simply slamming the breaks down when a route doesn’t get a lot of customers, so they can contribute that money to another busy bus route.  Those bus routes are cut, meaning an inconvenience to those who and relied on them for years to get them to and from the locations they need and want to get to. This bus link is different.  It has kept its doors open, and wheels running, for the one daily customer that is known to wait for it come rain or shone.  They have kept the bus on the roads in able to make sure that this loyal customer hasn’t been inconvenienced in a severe way.  In a world that that is so greedy, it’s nice to see this sweet and good deed being done for one person.




via [CCTV News]