Old Factory Turned Into A Remarkable Residence

The old factory of “Galletas Richaud Hermanos” was renovated into a family residence. Richaud Arquitectura designed this old factory as a residence without losing its originality from the factory.

Also, here is the story of Fiat’s Lingotto Factory from a factory to a racetrack for those who are interested in it.

old factory

In the lobby walls were ‘tinted’ with green paste and pasta tiles were used to cover floors

The kitchen-bar countertops are made of tinted concrete and cast-in-place with recycled glass. masonry walls are uncovered to emphasize the age of the property

old factory

Terrace between walls, roofed by a floating ceiling

Original wooden beams that once supported the ceiling now suspended as decoration in the living-dining room

old factory

Dining Room from the 80´s house as the meeting point, remodeled, extended, and opened to the garden that now shares with the colonial building

The pool surrounded by great vegetation

old factory

Access from the guest room to the pool


Pre-existing colonial structures blending with the also pre-existing trees

old factory

The pool is conceived between open-air walls