Watch This Nostalgic Supercut Of Disney’s Cutest Moments

Jorge Luengo Ruiz is a videographer and Disney fan. He wanted to take scenes from classic Disney films which he thought were the most beautiful and edit them together in a fun nostalgic video clip.

The first animated Disney film was released in 1937, which was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Ever since then, Disney has captured audiences with their magical landscapes and fantasy stories. From the tall cliffs of Tarzan to the majestic palaces of Aladdin, Ruiz has captured some of the most stunning scenic moments from these classic films and put them together for people to see. Other Disney film clips include Pocahontas, Mulan, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and the Lion King. Ruiz even captured the sweet moments in “The Aristocrats” between the Duchess and Thomas O’Malley.

Ruiz didn’t just capture the protagonists of these films. The villains of these films are also included in his series of clips because they are just as memorable as the heroes and heroines.