A Man Records The Northern Lights During A Superstorm, And What Happens Is Amazing

Unless you live up north where the Northern Lights are just something that is part of everyday life, odds are that seeing this magical wonder is something that you are hoping to do before you die.  It is a magical moment where we can look up into the sky, hugged by a blanket of darkness and enjoy the mystery of seeing those lights wave around in the air, like an ocean in the sky.  Not many of us ever manage to see as spectacular a show of the Northern Lights as this lucky man.  Not only did he manage to capture the entire lengthy experience with all of its colorful wonder, but you can also see a shooting star rocket across the camera view, giving you the icing on the cake that you were looking for.  No matter who you are, you have to admit that this kind of wonderful, fantastic experience would totally change your life and help you see things much more clearly.  Nature has a way of returning your heart and mind to the simpler things and returning you back to your basic needs and wants.  See for yourself!video-player-present