Street Artist Adds a Delicate Touch of Lace to Public Urban Spaces


Have you ever wished that you simply add some sort of fragile beauty to the world around you so that it looked its best no matter how blunt the world around it is?  This is what popular street artist, NeSpoon decided to do, specifically.  She is known for her gorgeous and delicate doily-like paintings and impressions that can be found all over the place.  The point is to add a feminine touch to the landings and buildings that are in need of some finesse and delicate touches.

She has done some great pieces already and her art is well loved for the fact that it is so simple, yet profound in how it  really transforms the buildings that it decorates.  It is definitely a beautiful style of art that the world needs to see more of.  The bright white always helps make the spaces look bright and cheerful so that they are brought into a world of all sorts of happy things.  The trick is to see the spots for the beauty that they bring forward with these touches of sweet and gentle beauty.

More and more people are taking a look at her work and wondering just how she can bring it even further into our world: look at different colours and putting them in places that could use their touches even more than the spots used already…there is so much that could be done to make it clear that her art is worth a lot.













NeSpoon: BehanceFacebook

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by NeSpoon.