20 Times Nature’s Printer Stops Working, And The Results Are Amazing

11. A doggo boasting mesmerizing freckles

Nature’s Printer Lostmindimooooo

12. This cow is “wearing” a chicken on its side.

Nature’s Printer LostBananafish70

13. This 2-toned stone looks like a piece of pork.

Nature’s Printer LostMiss_Galactica

14. The color pattern of this cow makes it look like it’s a sculpture carved from wood.

Nature stop printingvonkub

15. A goatee and a mustache turned this cat into a feline version of Don Quixote.

Nature stop printinginfamousgomez

16. “My horse has a bird-shaped paint mark and her tail is the bird’s tail, hence her name, “Dove.”


17. This dog’s body looks like a modern painting.


18. “This apple I got in the grocery store had a perfectly split color change.”


19. We can’t unsee the woman’s silhouette on this dog.


20. “Ginny was born with an almost perfect heart in her fur.”

Nature stop printingAlex_6429