15 Times Nature Shows Its Peerless Power

Here are 15 pics that show nature’s peerless power.

1. Lightning hit this sidewalk.

peerless power© Hyppocryte / Reddit

2. This tree is squeezing through cement.

© bobbythegoose / Reddit

3. This tree broke into the house.

peerless power© Bloomshockalocka / Reddit

4. This pine tree grew around the palm tree.

© dtg109 / Reddit

5. “A ball of salt that I took out of the dead sea.”

peerless power© afunnywold / Reddit

6. “My watermelon grew around a match and pulled it from the ground.”

© bublinkoetsyshop / Reddit

7. “We had purple clouds yesterday! (Freiburg/Germany)”

peerless power© hungry_stewdent / Reddit

8. “This long and rectangular river rock I found.”

© Jack120Red / Reddit

9. This perfectly straight managed forest, Ainsdale, UK.

peerless power© wubbalubba96 / Reddit

10. How this tree fell

© Tttoille / Reddit

11. This mushroom photographed from below

peerless power© Electronic-Skirt-173 / Reddit

12. If you don’t harvest your lettuce in time, it’ll start to look like Christmas trees.

© Pscel / Reddit

13. This geyser right before it blows.

peerless power© DreamLanding_RL / Reddit

14. A rainbow in the dark

© amy2kim22 / Reddit

15. This tiny tomato

peerless power© omanko666 / Reddit