40 Amazing Things That Everyone Must See Before Having Kids

31. My Neighbor’s Toddler Was A Little Too Quiet


32. He’s Actually Far Too Smart For Me


33. It’s Always Nice Getting Pictures From Our Son’s Teacher Showing How He’s Excelling In School

having kidstraskrogers

34. I Woke Up To My Daughter Standing Over Me Like This. I’ve Never Been So Proud (Or Terrified)


35. Of Course Not

having kidsebruenig

36. Biggest Mystery Of All Time


37. I Die Basically Every Day

having kidsbillyjack669

38. Stealing Air


39. Our House Has 10 Rooms


40. My 5-Year-Old Son Stole My Wife’s Wallet The Other Day And Ran Off To His Room Quietly. Today She Got Pulled Over And This Was All She Had For ID

having kidskcazdaddy