People Share Amazing Museum Exhibits

21. A Museum In Kenya Has Little Funding, So They Improvised And Created Their Dinosaurs With Clay

museum exhibitsAnnoyingpapertrash

22. At The Science Museum In London

museum exhibitsCarsThatDrive

23. Caravan Of Camels In The Eye Of A Needle, Museum Of Miniatures, Prague


24. I Was At The National Gallery In Slovakia And Noticed They Use Star Wars Wallpaper On One Of The Walls In A 19th Century Art Exhibit

museum exhibitsAscarea

25. This Display In Ashmolean Museum Shows How Touching Artwork Affects Material

museum exhibitsNewbee_3000

26. Sand Museum In Tottori Japan. How Does Someone Create This Out Of Sand?

museum exhibitssakee31

27. The Holocaust Memorial Museum In Detroit Has A Tree Made From The Sapling Of Anne Frank’s Tree

museum exhibitsbenizok

28. At The Uffizi Gallery In Florence, They Have Versions Of Paintings So That Blind Visitors Can Still Enjoy The Art


29. Whale Sculpture At The Museum

museum exhibitsBototoy87

30. Knitted Glass At The Glass Museum In Seattle