People Share Amazing Museum Exhibits

People were so impressed by these museum exhibits that they had to share. Here is a list of cool museum exhibits!

1. This Powerful Quote At The End Of The Holocaust Museum In Washington

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2. Art Museum That Was Closed Due To Virus Outbreak Rearranged Exhibition So It Can Be Seen From Outside – Day Or Night. Salo, Finland


3. The Two-Sided Statue Of Mephistopheles And Margaretta (19th Century) At The Salar Jung Museum In India. The Sculpture Is Carved Out Of A Single Log Of Sycamore Wood. Artist Unknown


4. Someone In This Museum Has A Sense Of Humor


5. There Is A Tiny Museum In Kyoto, Japan With Some Very Unusual Opening Hours


6. This Tiny UFO That Crash Landed On The Wall Of A Technology Museum


7. Took A Trip Out To Peabody Essex Museum Last Weekend. This Exhibit Didn’t Disappoint


8. This Museum Taking A Shot At FedEx In One Of Their Displays

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9. “Exploded” Ford Model T At The Henry Ford Museum Of Innovation


10. This Museum In Berlin Has ‘Touchable’ Versions Of Their Paintings For Blind People