Movies That Need a Sequel

In this era of cinema, there are probably more movies available than the audience wants and/or needs. Just in 2022, there were nearly 500 movies released in the US and Canada only. Studios fill the big screen with needless remakes, cash-grab prequels and sequels that play at people’s nostalgia. Quality is sadly in the gutters as directors and actors do not seem to care about the product at all. However, even in this movie craze, there are some movies that definitely need a sequel but did not get because of, well,—reasons. Let’s look at some of the movies that we want to see for a second time.

Constantine (2005)

Even Keanu Reeves himself says that he wants to come back as the Hellblazer, who are we to disagree, right? A Constantine sequel would be a fresh breath of air for the many who have superhero fatigue and a great addition to the Hellblazer’s legacy.

A concept art for a Constantine sequel
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A concept art for a Constantine sequel

I Am Legend (2007)

While it is hard to look past the infamous “slappingcident” at the 2022 Oscars, Will Smith’s I Am Legend needs a sequel after that ending that left the audience hanging. In the alternate ending, Smith’s character survives and it seems like he might be on the track of finding a cure for the disease. Wouldn’t it be nice if he were to come back and start fighting mutant zombies once again? Maybe adding a beloved actor, like Michael B. Jordan, can change the negative atmosphere surrounding a potential sequel and Smith.

A concept art for an I Am Legend sequel
A concept art for an I Am Legend sequel starring Michael B. Jordan
Ryan Layah

District 9 (2009)

District 9 is an allegorical movie about the Apartheid. Aliens come to Earth only to be refugees and they start to live in reservations set up by the government. The twist is that aliens devise a biological weapon that can turn humans into aliens and when a naive government official stumbles onto it, his life turns upside down. Wikus’ sad story must be concluded in District 10.

An image from District 9 with Wikus and an alien
Film Perspectives
A concept art for District 10
The Rough Cut

Inception (2010)

For many, the magnum opus of Christopher Nolan’s filmography, Inception was a revelation that nearly did everything right. Nearly, because it should be a crime to leave the audience wondering if Cobb’s happy ending is reality or just a dream.

A poster for Inception
Digital Artist
A concep art for Inception with Cobb's totem

The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys was a novelty for people who had enough with the cheesy romantic-comedies with people who are way past their love-triangle-drama age that relied way too much on the audience’s prior sympathy for the actors. This action comedy, quasi-buddy-cop starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe needs a second run and bring back the pair too.

A scene from The Nice Guys
The Fade Out
A poster for The Nice Guys with the leading cast

Nope (2022)

A fairly recent movie about an extra-terrestial being stalking the Earth and its inhabitants, Jordan Peele’s third movie Nope was the director’s attempt at cosmic horror genre and a successful one at that too. At the end, humans take down the alien leaving the audience begging for answers and more eldritch beings.

An official poster for Nope
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A scene from Nope with the leading cast