Impressive Buddhist Temples on Mount Emei in China

Mount Emei, alternately Mount Omei or Emeishan Mountain, is one of China’s Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains and it is located in the Sichuan province. It is also the highest among them with a height of 3,099 meters. The mountain was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. According to a belief the first Buddhist temple was built on Mount Emei in the 1st century. Due to its role in introducing Buddhism to China, this Mountain is regarded as a ”bodhimanda”, a place of enlightenment, for those who practice Buddhism. It is full of natural, cultural, and religious wonders

There are more than 10 Buddhist monasteries, temples, and various stupas on the mountain. Here are some of the most impressive works on Mount Emei:

Huazang Temple

Huazang Temple is the highest Chinese Buddhist Temple, with an altitude of 3.077 meters. It is famous for the golden Ten-Faced Puxian stupa which is 48 meters tall. Another name for the temple is ”Jinding” which means the Golden Summit since it is the main peak of Emei. The temple offers a magnificent view for the visitors.

Ten Faced Puxian Stupa on Mount Emei
Ten Faced Puxian Stupa
Huazang Temple on Mount Emei

Wannian Temple

Wannian Temple, also known as the Ten Thousand Year Temple, is one of the six earliest Buddhist temples on Mount Emei, it is also the largest. The mountain is famous both for its bronze statue of Samantabhadra and the Beamless Brick Hall.

Wannian Temple
Beamless Brick Hall

Baogou Temple

Baogou Temple is considered to be unique since it enshrines the sages of Conficiusianism and the deities of Taoism, apart from the Buddhist bodhisattvas. The temple is at the entrance of Mount Emei.

Baogou Temple on Mount Emei
Baogou Temple

Fuhu Temple

Fuhu Temple is the largest nunnery on Mount Emei. The temple was built in the 1st century and took about 20 years to construct.


Xixiang Chi

Also known as Elephants’ Washing Pool, is one of the monasteries on Mount Emei. The name of the monastery comes from the belief that Buddha once bathed his steed, a white elephant, in a pool near the temple.

Xixiang Chi on Mount Emei