The 12 most perfectly-timed photos you’ve ever seen

Wake up! Wake up! We overslept again!

most-perfectly-timed-photos© sergeyivanov

You really think I’m scared?

most-perfectly-timed-photos© beatmag

A real Hercule Poirot

most-perfectly-timed-photos© ilovefunnyanimal

Sooo, we meet again…

most-perfectly-timed-photos© magiophoto

Yeah, he is totally bluffing about his antlers…


Some say I look like the mythical Pegasus

most-perfectly-timed-photos© pinterest

Alright, alright! You got me!

most-perfectly-timed-photos© discoverart

Before and after


© pinterest

It’s evolving before our eyes…

most-perfectly-timed-photos© taringa

It’s all about the angle

most-perfectly-timed-photos© Clayton Harper

Hey, we’ve met before, haven’t we?

most-perfectly-timed-photos© Igor Siwanowicz

I need to see the money first, Johnny.?

most-perfectly-timed-photosAlla Ryzhenko