Most Expensive Palaces in the World

Monarchy or a version of it has been around for thousands of years. Monarchies had kings, queens, princes, and princesses: a royal family and its members. The royals usually resided in luxurious and huge buildings of great size and height. These buildings are, of course, palaces. Palaces have been symbols of a monarch’s power, authority, and wealth. The palaces below are the most expensive palaces in the world.

Buckingham Palace / England / 7,2 Billion Dollars

The official royal residence of the British monarchy, Buckingham Palace is currently one of the most expensive palaces in the world. It became the residence of the monarchy in the 1820s with King George VI. Since then, the palace has been arguably the most important place for the UK and the royal family. Many kings, queens, princes, and princesses have been born and died inside Buckingham Palace.

buckingham palace one of the most expensive palaces
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Buckingham Palace has nearly 800 rooms. The palace consists of state rooms, royal and guest bedrooms, staff rooms, and nearly 100 offices. More than 50.000 people visit the palace every year which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK. While the palace is the center of monarchy administration, it has been home to many royal and state receptions as well.

buckingham palace entrance

Tokyo Imperial Palace / Japan / 12,2 Billion Dollars

After the Meiji restoration, the residents of Edo Castle left the castle to the Meiji Emperor. The new emperor made the castle his home and the royal residence of Japan. Edo Castle had the Kyoto Imperial Palace in its premises which now belonged to the Emperor. However, the castle only survived for 60 years. During WWII, the Allied forces destroyed the palace in an attempt to kill the Emperor.

tokyo imperial palace one of the most expensive palaces
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20 years after the war ended, the Japanese government renovated the palace and its buildings. Today, Tokyo Imperial Palace is the home of the Japanese Emperor. Moreover, the palace is also home to some of the royal family members, administrative offices, and places where receptions and ceremonies take place. The palace is only open to visit on the new year and the emperor’s birthday.

tokyo imperial palace

Louvre Palace / France / 45,5 Billion Dollars

The royal residence of the French monarchy until the 17th century, the Louvre Palace is one of the most important historical marks in French history. Originally built in the 12th century as a defensive wall around Paris, in the following centuries Louvre turned into a royal residence. Many kings developed the palace to their liking and gradually the palace became the version it is today.

louvre palace one of the most expensive palaces
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The Louvre became a museum when the royalty moved to Versailles in the late 17th century. Since then, it has been attracting millions of tourists from everywhere in the world. The Louvre consists of wings and pavilions, most of which are named after a duke, a former monarch, or a royal member. One of the newest additions to the Louvre is the glass pyramid built in 1988.

louver palace glass pyramid
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Palace Of Versailles / France / 50,7 Billion Dollars

What started as a simple hunting lodge became the biggest and most expensive palace in France. The Palace of Versailles was the royal residency of the French monarchy for more than a century starting from the 17th century. The palace owed its magnificence to King Louis XIV. Louis wanted to build a palace that was better than any palace in France at the time and the result was the Versailles.

palace of versailles one of the most expensive palaces

During the French Revolution, the royal family of the time left the palace in a hurry leaving many precious belongings. Afterwards, all of the moveable items were taken to the Louvre. Today, the Palace of Versailles is one of the most expensive palaces in the world with a worth of nearly 51 billion dollars. One of the most noteworthy parts of the palace is the Hall of Mirrors which has 357 mirrors.

palace of versailles exterior
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Forbidden City Complex / China / 69,6 Billion Dollars

Forbidden City Palace Complex is the most expensive palace in the world today with a worth of nearly 70 billion dollars. The palace’s history goes back to the early 15th century. Nearly a million workers worked for 16 years to finish the palace. Since that time, Forbidden City Palace was home to 24 emperors from two ruling dynasties of China.

forbidden city palace one of the most expensive palaces

When the revolution began in the early 20th century, the last Chinese emperor left the palace. Although the palace was abandoned altogether after the Japanese invasion, it became available again after the war. The Forbidden Palace is a mixture of different Chinese eras, a standing monument of one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

forbidden city palace up close
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