People Show What Fall Looks Like Around the World

1. Gate keepers Cottage over grown with Boston Ivy, now completely red with leaves falling, Dartmouth Park , Sandwell, England

Fall© deluxediet / Reddit

2. Fall in Wisconsin

Fall© Unknown / Reddit

3.The colors of autumn. Bolu, Turkey

Fall© PaperTronics / Reddit

4. Making a labyrinth with the fallen leaves. Sacramento, US

Fall© GallowBoob / Reddit

5. Budapest, Hungary


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6. The perfect blend of fall foliage colors. Hope, Rhode Island

Fall© C_manna / Reddit

7. Vermont, US

Fall© Stan_Ohm / Reddit

8.California, US

Fall© whatsaustindoin / Reddit

9. Massachusetts, US

Fall© FlaviusBelisarius395

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands