Incredibly Cute Giant Rat Drags A Human By Her Hand And Takes Her To Show A Baby, Which Is The Most Adorable Thing You Would Have Seen In A While

This cute video of a huge rat grabbing a human’s finger and dragging the human to show her baby is going viral over the internet and it makes us realize that rats are one of the intelligent species in the world.

It is known that rats are social and communicate using high-frequency sounds; due to which we are unable to hear what they communicate. They often play together and when they are happy, they make chirping sounds, that are analogous with how humans laugh. Also, when a rat starts bonding with a human, the bond is expected to last for a lifetime and if they feel that they are neglected or if they lose the bond suddenly, they also die due to sadness. It is certain that rats are highly social and intelligent!

This video just proves it! You can see a Giant Pouched Rat, that are native to Africa and are famous for sniffing out the landmines in the area. Watch this video and you will be amazed!

(h/t: nationalgeographic)