The Way A Woman Reacted To A Baby Crying On A Plane Goes Viral, The Incident Shows That Those Who Complained About It Are The Worst Of All

It can be offensive flying next to a screaming kid, and will definitely be worse if you own the kid. On the 29th of July, Kesha Bernard was flying from Seattle to Denver when she observed a woman travelling with three kids, and she kept trying to make all of them happy, most especially her fussy three-year-old daughter.

The situation got worse due to the delay in take-off, this makes the plane to be full of passengers that are in bad mood with the overwhelmed family. After witnessing another passenger abusing the woman, she ceased to bear it and stepped forward to offer her compassion which other passenger seems to have forgotten.

The story went viral after being shared by Bernard on Facebook, and has gotten over 193 thousand likes and close to 100 thousand shares.  Apart from being a sweetheart, Bernard is also a photographer with two lovely kids. Below is the entire touching story, do ensure you read it and also share with those whose faith in humanity needs to be restored.

This mom recently shared a different kind of ‘screaming kid on the plane’ story, and she’s going viral for it

“How we can ignore a human in distress beyond me”

“Please be kind. Please be considerate. Help one another… It makes everything easier”

As you’d expect, most readers gave this super-mom a standing ovation

Some people, however, felt her help was little misplaced